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I made the move here from Livejournal last year.  Previously, I had been cross-posting to livejournal, but with the new ownership and the servers being moved to Russian soil...  Yeah,  it was time to delete my old account.  I refuse to have an account at livejournal because of LJ's scary, new TOS & the site removed it's encryption.  All LJ accounts are now subject to Russian censorship and I find the new TOS unacceptable.  Especially since said User Agreement is provided in Russian, with a translation provided in English that is “not a legally binding document. The original User Agreement, which is valid, is located at the following address:” which, does not help unless you speak Russian and understand Russian legalese.  How they expect one to be able to consent to an agreement one cannot read is beyond me.  So, I absolutely do not consent.   

I deleted my LJ account and will no longer be cross-posting to LJ.  If any of my friends from LJ are reading this, I'm sorry I didn't feel I had the chance to give you a proper heads up when I left.  If you also moved to dreamwidth, feel free to re-friend me.  If a stardreamed on LJ suddenly appears, the account is not mine.

If you want to delete your LJ without agreeing to the new TOS and to be subject to Russian Law, there is a Google Chrome extension available that will let you bypass the pop-up, as it is enforced client-side.  Install the extension and sign in.  You may need to open a new tab to go straight to the account status page to delete your account.  (The only reason I'm advocating this is for the purpose of deleting your account.  It's more a form of protest, since, I bet the site would argue you agree to their terms just by using the site, whether you can read their new agreement or not.  Or, in other words, the agreement is just for show, they don't care about anyone's rights and will do whatever they want with your data.  If you even have any rights, now that the servers are now in Russia...) 

If you need to access more than just the account status page, there is a way around that.  It involves editing the extension's code.  LOL.  Don't panic.  It's easy.  Open the manifest.json file in Microsoft Visual Studio (or your favorite editor) and see where it says, "matches": ["http://**"] ?  Just delete the /accountstatus/ and you'll have access to everything while you upload your journal to dreamwidth and claim your OpenID account to your Dreamwidth account before deleting your Livejournal account for good. 

The link to claim your OpenID to your Dreamwidth account is here (do this before deleting your account, as you have to confirm access from your lj account): 

The link to the Chrome extension is here: 
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So, about me... I'm in my late thirties and married to my best friend. I love poetry and short stories. I also particularly love anything from the Romantic period and anything Shakespeare or Marlowe.  I'm also a huge science fiction nerd.  Lately I've been into Star Wars, particularly Star Wars Rebels. I can be a bit of a quiet person in real life - I listen more than I speak about myself.

If you'd like to Friend me, leave a comment, introduce & tell me a little about yourself. Maybe we can give it a go. ^_^ (Just remember, I don't friend people who just add me without saying anything.)

EDIT:  If you'll note the date, there was a time when people joked that this was when the world was going to end.  :)  Before LJ had sticky posts, back in 2008, I wrote a public entry and gave it this then future date so it would stay on top.  The date was supposed to be a joke.  I've since edited this as of 5/16/17
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These two pretties are by [profile] webeh . The Christmas Invasion is the episode that hooked me on Doctor Who.  I'd seen some of the new series on the SciFi channel while visiting friends and thought it a real shame that I didn't subscribe to it myself.  Then, one night, while enjoying the luxury of someone else's satellite tv, I happened upon the tail-end of 'The Christmas Invasion".  At the time, I didn't know about regeneration, so when the tardis doors opened wide on the Sycorax ship and Tennant steps out, asking, "Did you miss me?" I thought : Who is that?  Then, later, the Doctor and Rose were just so sweet together, I knew I just had to track down the dvds and watch every episode.


by webeh, kiss


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